What are Workflows?

Why is it Important to Get Workflows Right?

Why is it Important to Get Workflows Right?

“The sequence of industrial, administrative, or other processes through which a piece of work passes from initiation to completion.” Oxford Dictionaries

Workflows are made up of all the steps that need to be taken in order for a task to completed. Steps can be manual or automated and can involve one or many people. Businesses are made up of many individual workflows, some independent of each other, but many more that interact and rely on each other.


Linear or Multi-Faceted?

Linear, simple workflows follow the same steps each time, from start to finish. These are the tasks we often do without thinking, as one step logically follows the previous one without any decisions needing to be made along the way. Linear workflows can contain few or many steps, but they always follow the same order, in the same way in order to come to the end.

Other workflows are more complex, decisions need to be made at multiple points with each one triggering another branch of the workflow. These workflows can contain anything from a simple yes/no question to models that contain numerous questions, each with a multitude of possible answers, outcomes and paths that need to lead to a satisfactory conclusion. The questions can be about customer choices, availability of resources or any other possible question and the decision could be based on any set of rules, but each possible decision path must be plotted in order to ensure a smooth workflow and process.

Benefit of Optimisation

Many of the workflows we use at work every day have not been formalised or written down. This means that many businesses are working with inefficient workflows and processes. By mapping out your workflow processes and analysing the steps that you take, you can work out where efficiencies can be made. Is your team taking two steps, when the same thing can be done in one? Are tasks being done in a certain way, just because that’s the way they have always been done? Optimising your workflows and processes will save you time and money and make your teams more productive.


Automate to Save Time and Money

During the process of mapping your workflows you may spot opportunities where decision making, or tasks could be automated. Whether it is sending routine emails or distributing tasks to the right people, automation utilising software such as LEAP, can save time and allow your team to concentrate on tasks and projects that require human interaction, intelligence or creativity.

LEAP – The Low-Code Solution

LEAP, the low-code platform from MICology can optimise and automate all of your workflows. Pre-coded elements, including a powerful decision engine and robotic process automation, can be configured to build any workflow or process. Saving your business time and money, enabling you to have a highly productive workforce.

Read more about all the features available in LEAP, from digital workflows to document management here.

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