Claims Management

Effortless Claims Management. More Positive Process Outcomes.

MiConnect automates and transforms your claims processes with a range of powerful, flexible functional building blocks configured to provide you with a tailored, highly effective, digital claims management solution. MiConnect provides an efficient, flexible, and powerful means of developing, automating, optimising, and reporting on your claims management processes. With MiConnect, you’ll free up time and resources, increase productivity, improve your customer experience, benefit from smart insights, and have the capability to optimise your claims management processes without any extra development work necessary.

End to End Claims Management in One Intuitive System

MiConnect includes all of the features you need to manage any claim: all the way from First Notice of Loss (FNOL) to resolution. This single system for claims management reduces rekeying and errors, and makes all customer interactions more efficient and enjoyable.

Ensure Your Customers are Kept in the Loop

Include a customer portal in your MiConnect system and empower your customers to access their information in real-time. Stay connected to your customers by using MiConnect’s SMS & Email capabilities, and keep your customers informed every step of the way.

Generate Smart, Actionable Insights

Gain a true understanding of how your processes are performing, and enable data-led decision making across your organisation with powerful, flexible reports and dashboards.

Reduce Your Admin and Associated Costs

Built in Robotic Process Automation allows MiConnect to perform a range of tasks automatically, freeing up users and improving accuracy. Eliminate the need for multiple systems, inconsistent reporting, and duplication of work.

Say Hello to Digitised and Streamlined Claims Processes

Focus on what’s most important to your organisation by utilising MiConnect for Claims Management and you will:

1. Lower Indemnified Costs

Analyse and optimise your business processes to reduce costs such as litigation and liabilities, resulting in more cost effective claims.

2. Improve Customer Experience

Capture data quickly and easily – and have the confidence to let customers input directly into the process. With MiConnect, your customers reach their outcome faster and more efficiently.

3. Reduce Operational Costs

Free up the time your team spends on non-essential administrative tasks, and give them more time to focus on the business-critical aspects of their role.

All of the Features you Need From Your Claims Handling Software

MiConnect includes the components you need to improve your claims management process, from customisable forms to real-time dashboards and much more.

Integrated Workflow and Process Management

Bring together your claims database and associated workflows into one powerful solution.

Manage Permissions

MiConnect makes it easy to manage which elements of the claim record groups or individuals are allowed to access. As a result, you stay in control at all times.

Data Capture Forms and Wizards

MiConnect’s forms are easy to design and use. As a result, your staff will find it easy to capture essential customer information: from the initial interaction all the way to conclusion.

Document Management and Storage

MiConnect’s document library keeps all records, including letters, emails, pictures and scanned documents, in one easy-to-access place – so your staff have all claims related information at their fingertips.

Integrated Supply Chain Management

MiConnect’s Process Web provides your partners and suppliers with secure access to the claim via a web portal. Consequently, they can enter updates directly into the system themselves, reducing the need for your team to chase data and re-key it from emails and calls.

Advanced Web Infrastructure

From policy management systems to payment software and industry databases: the inclusion of Web Hook technology and the MiConnect messaging server allows seamless integration with other systems, bringing huge time and cost savings.

Special Handling Instructions

MiConnect is flexible and able to accommodate variations within the claims process. For example, on those occasions when you need to shorten the FNOL stage, or change an SLA if the claimant is deemed to have special needs.

Bring Simple Claims Management Into Your Organisation

Our clients require fast, effective claims management, so that they can spend more time providing good process outcomes to their customers and less time on administration.

Ready to Get Started With MiConnect for Claims Management?

Find out how your team can benefit from MiConnect with a demonstration from one of our Solutions Experts.

MiConnect allows you to optimise and automate your processes without writing a line of code by harnessing the power of low-code. You can utilise the array of functional building blocks within MiConnect to create custom and flexible applications that will enable you to automate your processes.