Complaints Handling

Effective, Efficient and Information Complaints Handling

Every organisation gets its share of complaints; what separates good companies from great ones is how they respond. By using MiConnect to automate and optimise your complaints processes, you will be able to track, manage and learn from all your complaints, all while improving the overall experience of your customers. What’s more, because MiConnect is powered by MICology’s low-code technology you can either utilise the standard configuration or fully adapt a solution to fit your bespoke processes and requirements.

Features That Work for you, and your Customers

MiConnect includes all the features you need to improve your complaints handling process, from customisable forms to real-time dashboards and much more.

Comprehensive and Configurable Data Capture

To ensure you capture all the required information during the first notification stage, MiConnect allows you to configure comprehensive data capture questionnaires with a wide range of available field types. The questionnaire can either be completed by your call handlers or sent directly to the customer, which will automatically update the CRM.

Document Management and Storage

Ensure all communications and documents relating to the complaint, including letters and emails, are stored, sorted and easily accessible within the MiConnect document library. All documents, whether created within MiConnect, sent by the customer or uploaded by a team member are all together in one, easy to manage place.

Insightful Reporting and Dashboards

Analysing complaint data gives your organisation the opportunity to learn and to use the findings to make tangible improvements to your process and business. MiConnect includes the ability to build reports and dashboards in the design studio that displays and analyse data that works for you and your business.

Robust Milestone Management

Complaints processes often have very strict timescale requirements, mandated by the relevant regulatory boards. This means certain actions, such as formal acknowledgements and referral to the regulators, must be completed within set time limits. Using MiConnect’s milestones, create reminders and escalations to management for up-and-coming milestones or missed milestones.

Convenient Communications Tools

MiConnect includes built in communication tools, including email and SMS, that can be utilised to ensure that the complainant is kept informed of the stages throughout the process. You can even configure MiConnect to send emails or SMS automatically based on event actions or time lapsed.

Comprehensive Contact Database

Utilise the contact database to keep track of all contacts, including customers, suppliers and third parties, such as regulators. Within MiConnect you can define what information is collected, map relationships and track all communications between your organisation and the complainant.

Why use MiConnect for Complaints Handling?

1. Improve your Customer Experience

Managed correctly, complaints can be an opportunity to not only improve the experience for future customers, but to turn the complainant into a loyal customer, in a phenomenon know as the complaint recovery paradox. MiConnect allows you track, manage and respond to any complaint, no matter where they originate, ensuring that each complaint is dealt with quickly, the customer is kept informed and you can keep your promises.

2. Be More Efficient, and Reduce your Costs

Manage your entire complaints process within MiConnect and you can eliminate the need for multiple systems and the costs associated with them. By streamlining and optimising your complaints procedure, you will make the process simpler for your customers and employees, increasing your efficiency and reducing your management costs.

3. Ensure Compliance

Track, monitor and manage key dates and timescales to ensure your compliance. Many regulatory bodies insist on strict timescales for actions such as formal acknowledgements, resolution notifications and escalations, in MiConnect you can use rules, milestones and reminders to ensure that no process step or deadline is missed.

4. Fully Customisable to Fit your Processes

Every customer, complaint and complaints process is different. To customise your solution, MiConnect includes over 100 flexible and powerful functional components or building blocks that can be easily configured together to build a best-in-class complaints handling system that meets your specific business requirements.

An effective policy management process will maximise opportunities to sell new and renew existing policies, whist ensuring all underwriting and regulatory risks are well managed. MiConnect gives you complete control, meaning you get a fast, digital process that will impress new customers, retains existing customers, implements all the necessary data collection and executes the required decision matrices.

5. Empower your Customers

MiConnect allows you to include a customer portal in your complaints system, empowering your customers and improving their customer experience. By making your complaints process easy to access, straightforward and transparent you will foster trust in your business, helping to boost customer retention.

Bring Effective Complaints Handling into your Organisation

Our clients require effective complaints handling to improve their customer experience and reduce their costs while maintaining regulatory compliance.

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