Transforming Digital Process Management for the Insurance Industry.

Automate, optimise and transform your digital processes with the MiConnect low-code platform. Using a huge array of functional building blocks to create and customise flexible business process applications, your platform will meet your specific requirements without you ever needing to write a line of code.

Digital Solutions for Developing Modern Insurance Products.

MiConnect is a low-code process management platform that makes it quick and easy for organisations to develop and launch digital insurance products and processes.

Ensuring Long Development Cycles are a Thing of the Past.

The MiConnect low-code platform contains a range of powerful, flexible pre-coded building blocks that are configured to provide a tailored, digital solution in a fraction of the time it can take for a traditional bespoke development

Flexible and Scalable for Maximum Efficiency.

MiConnect’s functional building blocks mean it can be used to build applications for a wide range of different uses, while industry-standard structuring and hosting capabilities mean MiConnect works for thousands of users.

Driving Innovation and Customer Experience in a Competitive Market.

Low code technology from MiCology is the smoothest route for low cost and quick to market products and processes, helping organisations to be the first to market with new, innovative and profitable solutions.

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MiConnect: The Essential Solution to Power your Services.

Harness the power of low-code technology to create custom, flexible, feature-rich applications, bespoke to your business. With over 20 years’ of experience working in the financial and insurance sectors, we understand the unique combination of challenges faced by insurance companies, third party administrators, brokers, managing general agents and Lloyd’s brokers. All of this experience is reflected in MiConnect, giving you certainty that no matter what the use-case, MiConnect will have the capability to deliver the outcomes you need.

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Whether you’re bringing a revolutionary new product to market or tweaking a well-established service, MiConnect allows you to act faster than ever before.

MiConnect’s flexibility means that you decide the outcomes of your processes, not your software package. By having total control of MiConnect’s building blocks, you can engineer your application to meet your specific business goals.

Rise above a crowded market with ability to deploy new products fast, delight your customers and generate actionable insights to maintain your edge.

Changing market conditions and customer requirements used to mean slow, expensive change programs. With MiConnect, you’re in complete control of all the building blocks you need to adapt and grow.

Increased sales, higher productivity and reduced platform costs: leveraging the power of MiConnect will supercharge your financial performance.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Can I Access MiConnect Anywhere?

MiConnect can be accessed remotely and in the office to support a variety office and hybrid work situations. MiConnect was built for the modern world and a flexible workforce.

Can MiConnect be Customised to Suit our Needs?

Yes! MiConnect is designed to be flexible. You can configure your data management, digital workflows, contact database (CRM), document templates, and much more. Do all this via MiConnect’s low-code intuitive graphical user interface.

Do you Offer Training on how to Configure MiConnect?

Yes. We offer two face-to-face courses: Standard and Advanced. In addition, our digital portal contains a rich source of comprehensive training materials such as, a training sandbox, training videos and documentation about MiConnect. These will guide and support you as you become familiar with MiConnect.

Is MiConnect GDPR Compliant?

MiConnect is built for modern data standards like GDPR Compliance. We have solutions deployed in several countries to support local Data Compliance standards such as GDPR.

What is the MiConnect Technology Stack?

This is a .NET Desktop Client and A .NET Web Client accessing a suite of Web Services Hosted on Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS). The MiConnect Technology Stack has independent secure access to a Microsoft SQL Server Database, and a file-based document store.