Policy Management

Make your Policy Management Pain-Free

Using MiConnect for Policy Management will help you automate and streamline your processes and increase your organisation’s efficiency through automated events and scheduled routines. MiConnect’s low-code technology includes all the features you need to improve the efficiency of your policy management processes, to best serve your customers and your specific requirements, keeping you in total control.. With an integrated ratings engine, decision engine, robotic process automation and customer access portal, MiConnect has powerful, adaptable functionality right out of the box.

Features that Work for you, and your Customers

Robotic Process Automation

MiConnect can perform a range of tasks automatically, without user involvement. These tasks can be set to run periodically or triggered by another task or action. They can also trigger other tasks, based on your conditions and rules. This process automation frees up time for users and improves accuracy and your SLA’s.


Reports and Dashboards

Built-in reporting and dashboarding functionality gives you total visibility of how your processes and departments are performing. Configure your own unique reports to give you insight to your data and visualise the metrics that matter to you.

Integrated Workflows

MiConnect closely integrates your claims database and associated workflows, into one powerful solution. With configurable workflows, Robotic Process Automation and a vast range or powerful actions, combined with both explicit and implicit artificial intelligence, your digitised policy management process will be optimised, streamlined and improved.

Customer Access Portal

Within hours not days, create web access portals to enable your customers to track, read and view, manage and update their information as needed, maximizing convenience and improving their experience across every single touchpoint. Specialised web forms and permission settings means they can only see and edit as per your privacy policy.

Decision Engine

Utilise the MiConnect decision engine to automate decision making based on your set of rules and conditions. The rule editor can make complicated calculations and rapidly evaluate data sets to minimise the risk of human error and to improve efficiency. If a condition is not met or an error is accounted, the system will flag this to the relevant user for manual scrutiny.

Automated Renewals

Set triggers that contact your customers when their renewal is due and maximise your lifetime customer value. MiConnect sends reminders and automatic renewals based on your business rules.

Streamlined Policy Management in a Unified Platform

1. Enhanced Digital Customer Experience

MiConnect enables your customers to participate directly in the Policy Management Process. Keep in touch via email and SMS, with a secure customer portal that allows access to key policy information and essential documentation. Plus, by publishing APIs from within MiConnect, you have the power to make data, processes and documents available to external systems such as your website.

2. Efficient In-line Compliance

Configure your compliance checks and approvals as part of your policy process, rather than as expensive, inefficient post-process additions. Approvals can be easily configured using matrices, and all requests for approval instantly delivered to those providing the required sign-off. Comprehensive, configurable activity logs provide details of every action undertaken in every single process.

3. Deliver Optimal Outcomes

An effective policy management process will maximise opportunities to sell new and renew existing policies, whist ensuring all underwriting and regulatory risks are well managed. MiConnect gives you complete control, meaning you get a fast, digital process that will impress new customers, retains existing customers, implements all the necessary data collection and executes the required decision matrices.

Bring Efficient Policy Management into your Organisation

Our clients require streamlined, effective policy management to maximise their opportunities while managing their risks.

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