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Whoever you Represent in the Claims Process, MICology has a Solution

Learn about how the LEAP Claims solution can be tailored to any organisation within the claims process. From claim types and process templates, to integrations and reporting; LEAP is the flexible, easily configured platform ready to be deployed to revolutionise your processes.

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Learn more about LEAP’s Claims Management solution here.

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Who ever you represent in the claims process, FLOvate has a solution.



Third Party Administrator,


And Other Intermediaries, such as finance and leasing…

Whoever you are; LEAP is quickly and easily customised to meet your exact requirements.


We support many types of claims and can configure differences particular to your organisation, such as…


Commercial, and Residential Property,

Business Interruption,



And Warranty.

We also implement custom claim types using the unique LEAP low-code claims platform.


With LEAP you can define:

The Data collected,

The Process Steps,

Claims CRM,

Mobile App,

Financial Transactions,


Document Production,

Authorities required, and many more areas, for an Enterprise Claims System that perfectly fits your organisation.


Begin with a standard claims process, and tailor it for your needs.

Stages can be added and removed easily to match your organisation’s exact requirements.


All of the steps and decisions in your claims process are easily modelled.

They can be adapted as processes and regulations change with little or no code, and with the option to automate elements of the process as required.


Templates allow your process stages to be configured quickly, with many features to help speed up the claims process. These include,

e First Notification Of Loss,

Automated Information Chases,

e Schedule Of Loss,

Automated Customer Updates,

And Integrated Email and SMS.

Typically we can get you up and running within days.


Integrate with external systems using the LEAP Messaging Server. For example,

A Policy Database,

A Risk Unit Database,

Google Maps,

Post Office Address File,

And many Industry standards, such as the DVLA database.

Other integrations you may have can be easily added as well.


You can define as many codes as required for financial analysis, with a Chart of Accounts for both reserves and payments.

LEAP provides unrivalled control and analysis of claims payments and reserves, with automated authority escalation based on combination of type, and amount of payment.


With LEAP, your claims can be tracked using traditional reports and interactive digital dashboards.

Dashboards show live data while traditional reports can be automated and scheduled for delivery in a variety of formats.


Enable your customers, suppliers, and the professionals involved in the claims process to provide information using external portals.

These provide restricted access to the system, with the data and actions available, configured by your organisation.


Flexible, easily configured technology to digitise your claims process.

LEAP, the low-code digitisation platform.

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