Complaints Handling Made Simple

Keeping up-to-date With Complaints Handling Regulations can be Complex... But What if it Didn't Have to be?

Learn about how LEAP’s flexible, configurable modules – including data management; workflow; communication tools; document management; and reporting – can help your business stay compliant and on top of your regulatory challenges.


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Keeping up with changing regulation – such as complaints handling – can be complex. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

LEAP is a business process management platform that’s flexible to your needs so your business can easily stay ahead of change. Here’s how it works.

Step one is to capture your complaints data.

LEAP’s online forms make this a simple process. Who is complaining? Why? Have they
complained before? LEAP makes all this information easy to capture for reporting later.

Step two is to classify the complaint.

With LEAP, users don’t need a detailed knowledge of compliance procedure to process complaints effectively. A triage Wizard guides your account managers through the process asking them questions and routing the
complaint down the correct workflow depending on the answers they provide.

Of course all the rules in your workflow are configurable allowing your business to update your process quickly and easily, whenever you need to.

Step three is to process complaints quickly and effectively.

Using LEAP, your users can stay on top of all their tasks at every stage of the process, from
dissatisfaction, FOS, through to appeal.

Automatic reminders notify users of important events and prompt them to carry out specific tasks so they never miss a deadline. Using instant messaging users can collaborate with other team members to quickly communicate the status of complaints and close the cycle faster for your clients.

Step four is to document all your critical correspondence.

LEAP keeps an online store of letters and automates their delivery to keep your stakeholders and clients up to date.

Import templates from Word or create your own using the LEAP document template editor. Simply click to add your data merge fields and LEAP takes care of the rest.

Step five is to analyse your complaints data.

Using LEAP’s dashboards you can see instantly which types of complaints are entering your business and drill down to their root causes. For those people who prefer traditional reports, create summary information in seconds and automate their delivery to your chosen schedule.

The result? Everyone has the right information at the right time.

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