Why Choose MICology for Process Innovation?

Simple, Fast and Intuitive. Effective, Efficient, and Customer Focused.

This is what MICology believes your software solution should be for your organisation. Watch our video to learn about LEAP and how MICology will work with you to build a software solution that fits perfectly with your business requirements.


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LEAP is a low-code platform that radically improves organisational processes.

With LEAP, you can:

… improve process Effectiveness

… improve process Efficiency

… and enhance customer Experience

All of which results in better outcomes, lower costs and more loyal customers, in turn making your business more competitive.

What’s more, LEAP does this faster, at a lower cost, and with less risk – across desktop, web, and mobile. Anytime, anywhere.

So how does it work?

Digital transformation of your organisational processes with LEAP, making processes Simple, Fast and Intuitive; Effective, Efficient and Customer Focused.

By blending these elements, LEAP lets you build more processes, more quickly, and creates a smoother customer journey. All with little or no code.



So how does LEAP make your business more effective?

It’s quite simple. Using LEAP, you can rapidly define outcomes for your processes.

LEAP will help you focus on the actions, decisions and timelines that affect your process outcomes and implement strategies to get you there.

Increasing the speed of process execution, while keeping Customers updated, also helps deliver more positive outcomes. 



LEAP makes your business more efficient.

Every process comprises actions and decisions. Each represent a cost to your organisation.

Let’s start with actions.

First, we identify ineffective actions that add no value, and either stop doing them or allocate them to a lower, or no cost, role.

We can even automate them entirely using Robotic Process Automation, or speed up performance with assisted execution.

LEAP can also make Decisions more consistent and less prone to error.

Manual decisions can be scheduled, and the outcome recorded. This data can be stored and used by advanced AI routines to offer further insight.

Rules based decisions and triages can be easily automated; speeding up processes and improving consistency.

When there’s a decision to be made, LEAP can enhance the entire process. All with little or no code.


[Customer Experience]

LEAP radically improves the customer experience.

You can make the whole process digital; providing a Simple, Fast, and Intuitive journey.

Communicate faster by replacing postal mail with emails and texts

Self-service portals and digital updates let your customers and suppliers know what’s happening, when and where.

Mobile friendly forms make it easy for people in the process to enter data themselves, reducing the risk of rekeying errors and making gathering data accurate, more efficient and cost effective.


[Who is LEAP for?]

So who is LEAP for?

LEAP is suitable for any sized business that wants to improve its processes.

Perhaps you’re currently relying on spreadsheets to manage your process…

…Or your existing system has simply run out of steam.

Are you juggling lots of jobs and resources at once?

Are you looking for a solution to organise and automate your operations?

So you consider the options.

A bespoke solution for example.

The problem however, is that traditional development is costly, time consuming and risky.

… there’s kick off meetings to organise

… requirements to gather

… architecture and process design to complete

… and code to write.

This traditional method can take a long time, during which your business, and its processes, are likely to change – leading to more requirements, more meetings and more development time.

If this sounds familiar, there is another way.


[What is LEAP?]

LEAP is a low-code platform that radically improves organisational processes.

LEAP takes away the pain of writing code from scratch.

It’s made from ready-built components, each one with a business function in mind.

They are designed, configured and extensively tested before being used in the real world.

Then we assemble the blocks required to create your bespoke process.

All with little or no code.


But what if you do have a process that falls outside LEAP?

For example, if you want to integrate with an external system or implement a niche requirement?

No problem, we’ve already thought of that – we built LEAP so that you can insert code snippets if you need to.

The benefit is total flexibility. We can configure LEAP for you, or train you to do it yourself.


[Organisational Process Design]

So how do we build your process? There’s lots to think about. A process is much more than a flowchart!

You’ll need to consider…

  • Who is involved?
  • What are the process stages?
  • What data is needed to perform an action or decision?
  • Where does the data come from?
  • What makes a good, bad or indifferent process outcome?

Thanks to our Process Design Model, we can assist you with all these questions.

We will work with you to analyse your processes, to understand how your departments work together, how you interact with your suppliers, and how your customers engage with you.

From this, we can model your workflow.

We then define the process elements required including user roles, specific data types and fields, any necessary documents, authority checks, and much more.

Finally, we tailor your process so that it fits your business perfectly.


With your LEAP solution in place, everyone in the organisation will feel the benefit.

From end users, who can make better decisions on up to date information

To business analysts, who have full visibility of the process

And business owners, who can deliver cost effective solutions.


So there you have it. LEAP makes your processes more effective, more efficient, and more customer focused, in one simple, robust platform.

Bring process innovation to your organisation with LEAP, the low-code digitisation platform.

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