Revolutionizing Insurance: Exploring the AI-Powered Future

As an AI developer for the insurance industry, we have been asked how we see the future of AI a few times recently, so we thought it may be worth writing a blog. To start with, the future of AI generally will probably be different to the future of AI in insurance for many reasons. […]

Idea to Draft in 30 Seconds: ChatGPT and the Future of Blog Writing

Since launching in November 2022, like many other people, I have been using and testing OpenAI’s ChatGPT. It is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot capable of providing coherent answers to questions and generating detailed suggestions to almost anything that is asked of it. I was going to write this blog myself but curious to test […]

Using IoT technology to help businesses manage water consumption and reduce insurance premiums

Leaking water from pipe

In order to help businesses and property companies mitigate water damage from leaks, floods and faulty appliances, MICology have developed innovative software that utilises sensor driven IoT devices to monitor properties for water consumption and provide alerts for any issues that arise. This technology not only enables businesses to monitor and reduce their water usage, […]